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Book events: Governable Spaces by Nathan Schneider

On February 27, MEDLab director Nathan Schneider's new book Governable Spaces will be available free and open access (and in print for purchase) from University of California Press, and wherever books are sold. It threads together the research agenda that has been driving MEDLab in recent years, and more.

“A prescient analysis of how we create democratic spaces for engagement in the age of polarization. Governable Spaces is new, impeccably researched, and imaginative.”—Zizi Papacharissi, Professor of Communication and Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Nathan will be doing events on the book in the next few weeks—please consider joining if you can:

Keep up on future events and press coverage on the book page here.

Now We Know: Exit to Community Is Possible

In 2019, MEDLab started incubating the concept of "Exit to Community"—a vision for how companies and organizations can evolve into ownership and governance by the people who rely on them most.

To advance this idea, MEDLab co-founded the Exit to Community Collective, a group of journalists, creatives, stakeholder engagement specialists, and academics working to advance E2C in practice. In the years since, we have quietly supported and learned from a variety of experiments, helping entrepreneurs push the limits of what is possible.

As a new year arrived, the E2CC released a new library of E2C stories that the E2C Collective has created at MEDLab research fellow Adina Glickstein and community fellow Danny Spitzberg helped bring the website to completion in the Collective.The “snapshots” are brief, structured case studies that give a taste of the many diverse ways that startups have been trying to grow into community ownership and governance.

Radio: Henry Jenkins—and a new website

Our radio show, Looks Like New, has a new website at There you can find all our past shows and subscribe to get new ones.

Last month, Olga White interviewed the eminent media scholar Henry Jenkins of the University of Southern California:

Dr. Jenkins is a visionary whose scholarly journey has been marked by a deep exploration of participatory culture. As the director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program and the author of influential works such as “Textual Poachers,” Dr. Jenkins has tirelessly championed the understanding of how audiences actively engage in shaping and reshaping media content.

Today, we have the unique opportunity to delve into Dr. Jenkins’ insights on emerging technology, such as AI, its impact on participatory culture, and on our evolving relationship with media and technology. 

Listen on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. across Colorado's Front Range on KGNU radio, 88.5, or subscribe to the podcast

This Thursday: Adina Glickstein interviews Rachel O'Dwyer on tokens.