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Cover of "Algorithmic Culture Before the Internet"Algorithmic Culture Before the Internet: A Conversation with Ted Striphas and danah boyd

Today, computer-powered algorithms exercise outsize influence on cultural decision-making, but algorithms have been shaping culture for centuries. From Cambridge, England, to Cambridge, Massachusetts—by way of medieval Baghdad—algorithmic culture began to coalesce long before the technological wizardry of Silicon Valley. In this live event, CU Boulder professor Ted Striphas will introduce his new book, Algorithmic Culture Before the Internet, in conversation with danah boyd of Microsoft Research.

This event is organized by the Department of Media Studies at CU Boulder and hosted by the Boulder Public Library. More information on the library's calendar.

Interested in Building a Fairer Digital Economy? Study with us!

MEDLab emerged out of CU Boulder's MA program in Media and Public Engagement. MAPE is a 2-year interdisciplinary program that spans traditional boundaries between theory and practice, offers a critical study of the history, institutions, economics and social implications of the media, nationally and globally, combined with a practice-based media training geared toward civic engagement and community building. In addition to completing courses in media theory and other fields of interest, students learn how to create thoughtful and engaging projects using a variety of media practices including documentary film, multimedia websites, interactive video installations and other online tools.

In their two years in the program, MAPE students will collaborate with faculty, community leaders, nonprofit organizations and socially engaged corporations to devise innovative pathways to the study, commentary and presentation of social issues.

Learn more and browse our handbook on the program website.

Where I Went Wrong: Marjorie Kelly on Why Advancing Ethical Business Isn't Enough

Cover of the book "Wealth Supremacy" by Marjorie KellyOctober 30, 2023
11 a.m. to noon Mountain Time
Free webinar

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For over 30 years, Marjorie Kelly has helped to build movements like ethical investing, corporate social responsibility (CSR), B Corps, and worker ownership. While these fields have grown, however, many of the problems they set out to fix have only gotten worse. By tucking ethical concerns into the current paradigm, she believes, well-meaning people have inadvertently reinforced that paradigm—or we’ve stayed isolated in our silos, reluctant to see ourselves as part of unified next system beyond capitalism. We haven’t been thinking big enough. We’re not thinking at the scale of the problem.

In this webinar, Kelly draws on the lessons of her career—including her mistakes—to call for a movement that refuses to take the current system for granted.

Radio: What Do Data Say About Esports?

Our radio show, Looks Like New, airs Thursday at 6 p.m. across Colorado's Front Range on KGNU radio, 88.5. Here's what we'll be listening to this month, in the final show hosted by our fabulous producer, Skylar Hew:

Analysts have played crucial roles in the entertainment industry for decades. For teams, analysts can improve player performance and for broadcasting, analysts can project match outcomes. With online entertainment growing in popularity during recent years, data analysts are bringing their skills into esports. Today, we hear from Dr. Doug Liebe on his experience working as a frontier data analyst in esports. 

Listen at KGNU radio or subscribe to the podcast