Apple Park aerial view, by Arne Müseler, via Wikimedia Commons

In the International Journal of Communication, MEDLab director Nathan Schneider co-edited a special issue with Andreas Hepp and Anne Schmitz of the University of Bremen. The issue revisits the landmark mid-1990s essay "The Californian Ideology" by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron, a critique of the political economy then emerging in Silicon Valley, which has since spread across the world. The issue includes new research that reconsiders the concept of the Californian ideology in light of global experience since, as well as a retrospective interview with Richard Barbrook.

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A New Semester at MEDLab

It's a new academic year at MEDLab, and we have a lot of projects in the works. Here is a bit of what we'll be up to in the coming year:

  • New research and events on our concept of "exit to community," funded by the National Science Foundation
  • Developing governance strategies for open educational resources, funded by the Colorado Department of Higher Education
  • Further development of our CommunityRule platform
  • As always, our radio show, Looks Like New

Let us know if you want to team up!